Instructions for use ProstEro

If you can achieve positive results by taking start time ProstEro scrupulously obey him and connected with the statement. Intake reduce the effect of the rule violation, or to reduce to zero.

The drug is produced in capsule form.

The capsules should be taken on an empty stomach, squeezed the juice. Reception – twice a day. 2 types of capsules are divided into: - colored and discolored. Colored colorless drunk in the afternoon and in the evening tablet. Can't be mixed because their working principle is different, the features depend on the biological clock and men.

The fresh mortar is required for each purchase. Prepared storage solution is unacceptable. This course for 30 days.

If you can achieve the most sustainable results, in a comprehensive manner by taking fish oil capsules with a healthy lifestyle.

Indications ProstEro

  • Frequent urination (often incorrectly).
  • Presence uncomfortable and painful sensations in the scrotum, rectum, perineum.
  • The problem with ejaculation.
  • Changes in the quantity and quality of sperm.
  • Manifestation of sexual dysfunction.
  • Suspected urethral discharge.
  • Nov pain and low back pain.
  • Frequent constipation.
  • In urine output in the form of drops.
  • An unstable erection.

Many men have been working for much of the year provided we ignore body signals and manage to live with them, by eliminating some of the symptoms with over-the-counter drugs. But they to completely recover sexual function. Severe consequences such a reckless attitude to their health with the same result it is very difficult to eliminate, and perhaps not impossible.

Contraindications ProstEro

Like any other natural moisturizing components ProstEro some contraindications, in practice they are detected.

  • Stop taking the drug when detected, that comes with individual intolerance substances.
  • The vehicle for the appropriate age group for 18 years.
  • Active formula designed specifically for the male body, therefore, the application of capsules is not recommended for women.
  • It is not recommended to mix alcohol with capsules, this can lead to unwanted results.
  • Possible to raise the dosage. Is definitely the suggestions in the following statement.
A harmless composition, comments and recommendations of numerous experts, use of, definitely a statement. Certainly any proposal for a change in dose and control, the treating urologist.